iPad - Test

iPad is perfect for watching films during the train trip, road trip or just a lazy day in bed.


First hours with iPad.


The first thing I notice is that it feels very solid. I thought from the beginning that it would be too easy and weak. But it feels solid and sturdy without being heavy or bulky.
It has a large 7.9 "screen that provides brilliant picture quality, the screen is clearly the same class as one of Apple's laptops.
My fingers glide easily over the large screen and easy to navigate the iPad OS. Something that is negative is that it becomes very easy grease marks on the screen. After a few minutes it looks like an oiled oven sheet.
The back is made of aluminum and with the same design as the new unibody Macs. But it becomes very light scratches and grease stains on the back also. If you are afraid of their iPad it is recommended to provide protection that covers the back.


Safari scales up pages quickly and with multitouch makes it easy to navigate. Now you can also get their bookmarks in the address bar, it was a feature I'm missing in the iPhone. One more thing is that you can now play YouTube clips directly in Safari, works equally well on youtube.com as on embedded clips.


I thought the iPhone was amazing to deal with emails. The first cell phone with a simple and competent email client. iPad has a left column so you get more details on their accounts. Nothing else to add except that it works as expected.


Photos of the IPAD received a real facelift with functions like "peek" into the event with a "pinching". Works nicely and can be useful when looking for a specific album. Smart Apple is that they have added a photo frame function that you can access from within the photo, but also from themselves lock screen. Fun Features!


Calendar, contacts and notes
No direct revolutionary innovations in these programs, but have not had time to really fully tested, either. I really like the look of the day planner that all three programs have received.


As good as the iPhone, but better with screen advantage.


iPad is perfect for watching films during the train trip, road trip or just a lazy day in bed. As usual, Apple's format will prevail, If you want to add your own movie you have to convert to MP4.


With the ipad screen, the program has a new look that gives a bit more details on the content, support for watching HD video is fantastic. Though I prefer youtube.com enough now that you can view video directly in safari.


iTunes Store
Works just as well and as smoothly on the Mac or the iPhone any time, but please come on Apple and launch support for rent and purchase movies through iTunes in Sweden. A feature I really miss.


We could say that this program is the heart of the entire iPhone concept and IPAD. As expected, it works as smoothly as the iPhone. It has already rolled out thousands of programs to IPAD, we will test more soon.


What other journalists think about iPad


- I'm already in love with iPad.


- I guess my computer habits are similar to many others, that 95% of the time I spend at the computer to surf, listen to music, watch pictures and movies .... then if I can get these functions neatly packaged at a lower price than a desktop / laptop Macs. Then it is not so much to talk about!


- I would love this product if it came with a pen.


- The market is now open to all cool software we have already seen the film and in television series like CSI. Will be really cool and useful!


- I can’t see the problem the iPad tries to solve.



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iPad - Test

iPad is perfect for watching films during the train trip, road trip or just a lazy day in bed.



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