CV Writing

From heading to the references. "Emphasize the right stuff"


Your resume is a perishable commodity. Virtual Lifestyle experts offers tips on how to get to your CV writing. "Emphasize the right stuff".


CV writing is important because your career always begins with a job application.


Leonardo da Vinci bragged that he was a whiz on the war machines when he applied for a job at the Prince of Milan. Only at the end mentioned the genius that he could paint as well. 500 years later it is still an important principle for CV writing.


Many are clear about what they're good at, but often without using what the company wants.


We offers tips on going back to the job ad several times during the writing process and meeting the key words in the requirement profile of what you have written, but without falling into the trap buzzword.


- If you write that you're flexible, you must explain what you mean by the word. Describe a situation where you have demonstrated your flexibility.


Clarity, air and layout are very important when the recruiter get your application in hand, but put more energy into a nice shape if you apply for a job as a marketer than as a carpenter.


Then there is always a factor that is difficult to pin down, it makes your application stand out among the crowd. Where can your personality to peek out.


- The managers are often stuck for a word, a picture or a description that is extraordinary.



CV Writing Tips



Some choose a more powerful header, but CV or "Curriculum Vitae" is often simple and good. But the correct spelling! It actually happens to people slip up on "Curriculum Vitae", it sets the wrong tone from the first letter.


Suffice it CV or Curriculum Vitae. Save headlines such as' Future construction engineer looking for a challenge at work "to the personal letter.



It is fashionable to begin with a brief presentation of yourself or an "elevator presentation" which you present yourself in a sentence. It is also a good way to avoid the "I" trap.


A quick presentation can be nice, but remember not to take too much from the personal letter. Letter and CV should be complementary.



For many younger people for granted. The picture gives a personal touch, including all text, but choose a photo where you see just enough natural looking and suitable for printing in color and black and white.


A photo is not required. In some cases it may actually be negative because it creates a certain image of the applicant before they had contact.



Here's your chance to present what you want to achieve career-wise in the long run. Keep in mind that it probably would have left you in a couple of years so do not write that you will soon start their own business.


Do you have a clear ambition to write, but it is better to omit the objective than to push forward anything.


Skills Profile

What's in your mix of education, experience and personality that makes you stand out? Think about it, and summarize the academic profile.


Make sure to highlight the skills and knowledge they require in the ad.



List the courses that are relevant to the job, with the most important first.


Do not print high school if you have a college education. Have several småkurser, collect them under "other courses".



List the jobs that are qualifying for service with the most recent first. Have you had a lot of moonlighting as not important for the service, but still shows that you are diligent, you can collect them under "other positions".


Write the title of the job only instead of employers. Briefly describe what the job provides in paragraph form.



Do you have any special language skills beyond the ordinary that are important to the department so lifting them up, or otherwise in "Other qualifications".


Have you lived in another country and learn a language, it may say something about who you are.


Computer Skills

Enter the computer programs you can and how well you master them.


Must be well down, although they are important for the service. Enter level of competence, not only "Photoshop".


Voluntary Sector / trust

Are you sitting on the board of your tenant may be worth picking up. Omit anything that is not come up with relevant to the service.


Trust can demonstrate that you have an active life outside of work, you can work in groups and stand in a group of people and speak.


Other qualifications

We are listing your experience and skills that are not directly relevant to the job, but that might describe you as a person. If the list is long, pick the most important.


Do you have many merits, they should be added under "Other qualifications" with the trust. If you have only one elected office should be under a separate heading.


Link to blog / Facebook

Linking to facebook and blogs are becoming more common. About the blog directly related to the service, it is a good showcase and a important part of your CV writing, but be careful with your blog really think.


A blog link can put themselves in trouble if they say too much about who you are. A link to Linked In is more professional.



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CV Writing

From heading to the references. "Emphasize the right stuff"



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