SIRUI Travel Tripod Alternatives

T-025X VS T-1205X. Which suit you best?


If you are looking for a great light weight travel tripod. SIRUI has several fantastic options for you.

In this article I will look closer to the two smallest and lightest. Because that’s what I prioritize when I’m hiking or travel.

Why a SIRUI tripod? The reason that I choice SIRUI is simple. In my opinion they are market leaders right now in this segment of tripods. I think they deliver best quality and performance for the price.

If price level is no issue there are of cause other options on the market.


What tripod to choice depends of cause what benefits you prioritize? If you prioritize small size? I could recommend two great options. The T-025X and the T-1205X.


T-025X  VS T-1205X


Both T-025X and T-1205X are light weight 5 sections carbon tripods with impressive built quality. Of those two the T-025X is the smallest and lightest and the T-1205X is the best. Both deliver a maximum height of 140 cm with the ball head. If you think that’s to low you need a bit bigger alternative. Maybe the T-2205X?


So I recommend the T-025X if you prioritize:

-          Lightest weight. (Just 0,65 kg)

-          Smallest Size 30-130 cm (140 with ball head C-10X)

-          Lowest price.


But I will recommend the T-1205X if you need:

-          Better stability

-          Adjustable stand column

-          More load. (Camera weight) 10kg


Those tripods can handle 6 or 10 kg of load so a standard DSLR is no problem. But I use my LUMIX FX1000 (Just 831 g) during my longer trips. That combination works perfectly together for me.  


Ball head options

T-025X normally comes in package with the C-10X ball head. A great lightweight ball head that can take a load of 4 kg and has a weight of just 200 g.


Another option is the K-10X. (Weight 350 g) Which I recommend to the T-1205X. It can take a load of 20 kg! and have other great benefits like:

-          No tool needed to attach the quick-release plate to the camera.

-          Two bubble levels on the platform.

-          Secondary safety lock on the quick-release plate. 


Both of these travel tripods are great but with different advantages as stated earlier.

The choice is yours.



SIRUI Travel Tripod Alternatives

T-025X VS T-1205X. Which suit you best?



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