Six-Pack Tips

How to get the six-pack and other training tips.



Abs - (six-pack)


The thing that most men yearn to develop is an sex-pack on his stomach. They want well-defined abdominal muscles which is easily visible from all angles. We can see many sit and do countless sit-ups and leg lifts to fight the results but more often we see no difference no matter how many thousands of situps and leg lifts we do.


The reason why you do not get up sexpacket of practicing sit-ups and leg lifts is that it is a layer of fat around the stomach which is difficult to remove. The fat is subcutaneous fat and is the last fat that usually remain. No matter how much you train your stomach to the abdominal muscles will still not come forward if you do not get rid of fat. Your waist may even be bigger because the muscles become bigger and stand out more. When you lose the fat so your abs will also appear.


Maybe you usually watch TV and see these machines and equipment marketed in commercial advertisements which claims to be able to get six pack in just a few weeks. Of course this is a complete lie and nothing else. Would you have abs of these devices so had every person walking around with a beautiful six-pack and a narrow waist. Many think it will work, but we can tell you that this is not the case. It's just pure nonsense and just fooling people.


To lose fat and get your abs to appear, you must keep a hard calorie-controlled diet. You must also exercise some form of cardio and weight training to increase your metabolism to burn fat effectively and naturally. You must perform these operations are strict and do not make exceptions if you want good results. It's important not to skimp on diet and exercise, and you must post it in a good way. Remember that there is no such thing as the combustion point.


Here are the moments again in priority order.


1) A controlled diet in which you control your caloric consumption. (Avoid sugar!)

2) There is a need for continuous cardio exercise to burn fat and get abs.

3) You must continue with weight training and the development of muscles. To build muscles to burn fat and burn calories from the foods that give you energy. Powerlifting will also help the rest of your body to appear and be defined.


Forget diet pills and rumors. Pills can ache short term but is mostly just bluff and bullshit and is not in the long run.



Basic exercises


There are thousands of exercises to choose from but only a few that stimulates more parts of the body's muscles. These exercises are called basic exercises and provides more widespread stimulus unlike other exercises.


All exercise programs for weight training should include basic exercises. By practicing basic exercises you can load up more weight and therefore develop more muscle. Compound exercises are exercises involving the muscles better and have the most widespread stimulation.


The advantage of basic exercises is an exercise that stimulates several times as many muscles as a more insulated exercise. This makes the workout more efficient and you get a greater stimulation of the balancing muscles.


Below are four basic exercises that stimulate the majority of the body's musculature.


• Ground Lift

• Bench Press

• Squats

• Military press


The basic exercises, it is always important to think about technology and design. Use lighter weights until you can perform the exercise properly without risk of injury.


The rowing machine is an excellent choice as heating before the training. Otherwise skip the machines to achieve a more comprehensive training.



Muscle fibers


Human skeletal muscle is usually divided into three different muscle fibers, type I, type IIa and type IIb. These muscle fibers are used by the body to convert chemical energy into kinetic energy.


Type I muscle fibers are used primarily in endurance work.

Type IIa is a mix between slow and fast muscle fibers.

Type IIb muscle fibers is faster.


You've probably heard that we have different genetic predispositions for coping with various challenges. One of these conditions may be what you are born with some of the muscle fibers. A man whose muscle fibers is dominated by the type IIa or type IIb muscle fibers will probably be a medium distance runners. In contrast, perhaps this person was an excellent powerlifters.



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